Survey: The Most Common Objections To Solar Energy

My professional background is in Mathematics and Data Science.  As such, I am driven by curiosity about facts, numbers, and statistics.  As a solar consultant, I speak to a lot of homeowners about the reasons they have not or cannot switch to solar energy for their home or business.  Many of those reasons are outdated or poorly supported by facts, although plenty are valid in specific cases.

I got curious about the distribution of objections against going solar.  So, I created a quick and simple 4-question online survey.  It is anonymous in the sense that it does not collect any of your personal information in the survey questions.  The website itself is aware of your IP address, but that information is not stored or linked to your survey results.

If you would like to help the cause of science, or if you just like to see really cool graphs, then please take the survey.  If you are not a homeowner, then you can answer on behalf of one that you know, or just pretend that you are a homeowner, and think of what would keep you from adding solar panels to your home.

Click Here To Take The Survey

Thank you for your participation!