bertleman @ indian school

Name:  Kaylee Robert Tejeda, M.Sc.

About Me:  I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have lived here nearly all of my life.  I attended UNM until I obtained a Master’s Degree in Mathematics.  I used to help organize clandestine downhill and ditch slalom skateboarding events.  I organized raw vegan potlucks for a few years.  I taught mathematics at CNM for several years.  I research cryptocurrencies and data science.  Now I am a “solar energy consultant”, which is a fancy way of saying that I sell solar panels.  I am NOT, however, a pushy salesman; quite the contrary.  I am simply passionate about optimizing systems and minimizing waste.  I am more interested in helping people understand if solar is right for them, than trying to force it on people that may not need it.

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